A New Direction

My sincere thanks to the voters of District 4 in Coeur d’Alene, for your support during the Republican Primary last May. Our win over the 14-year incumbent clears our path forward. If I prevail in the General Election on November 4th,  I will carry your concerns and ideas down to Boise.  Many of you have been sharing your thoughts with me; I’ve been actively talking with individuals and groups and will continue to reach out.

The General Election is Nov. 4th and I am again asking for your vote.

I’ve been working on state issues for years, often behind the scenes, and am sincerely frustrated with some actions of our state legislature, as I know so many of you are as well.  That is why I am offering my time and experience to this position.  My background as a critical care nurse and my 30 years of small business ownership will combine well with my continued efforts to communicate with you.  You know I will always tell you what’s happening and why.  You deserve to know.

One of my supporters had a brilliant idea.  She suggested that, when elected, I could change my newsletter into an online journal during the legislative session. That way I could post short but informative updates, maybe daily, about what key bills, procedures and activities I am facing.

Her idea hit home with me because most of the people I know, even many who are politically active and involved on the local level, do not have a clear understanding of how the state legislature works on a daily level.  So I will be learning a great deal, as a new Senator, and you can be along for the ride.
The more we, as citizens, understand about how our government works, the better for our state and our country.

Please honor me with your Vote on November 4th, and join me as we work to make Idaho a state which once again embraces and protects the free, independent spirit.