It’s time for positive change. 

I’ve filed to run for the Idaho State Senate, District 4 because I want to be part of the solution to the outrageous overreach of the Federal government into our lives.  I am a Republican, always have been, and this race will be determined by the Republican Primary vote on May 20th.

I’ve been working on state issues for years, often behind the scenes, and am sincerely frustrated with the actions of our state legislature, as I know so many of you are as well.  That is why I am offering my time and experience to this position.  My background as a critical care nurse, clinical nursing instructor and my 30 years of small business ownership will combine well with my continued efforts to communicate with you.  You know I will always tell you what’s happening and why.  You deserve to know.

Our current State Senator, John Goedde, has been in office for 14 years.  Last year he voted to invite Obamacare into Idaho through the state health care exchange, even though the vast majority of citizens turning out to public meetings were adamantly opposed. Did you know that Idaho is the only state in the nation with a Republican Governor and Republican legislature that voted to start a state exchange?  26 other states chose to resist the Federal government’s intrusion and they are making a difference by challenging and pushing back against Obamacare.

But there are hopeful alternatives for Idaho if we can get a change of command in Boise.  Our state has a number of brilliant and resourceful experts who have developed innovative options for healthcare.  Their plans are based on free market principles and allow citizens to control most of their own health care money and decisions.  Imagine that! 

Join me and let’s work to make Idaho a state which once again embraces and protects the free, independent spirit.