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The Words Don’t Match

This morning’s newspaper had a front page article from the Associated Press, titled “Poll: After Obama’s 100 days, Americans think US on the right track”.  I was surprised.  With all the economic problems, massive government spending and last week’s tea party protests all across the nation, how could this report be correct?

Upon further reading, it became obvious that the implication of the headline did not match their whole story. The body of the AP article went on to admit that this poll was the first time since the inauguration that results have shown a majority score for the “on the right track” question.  

Polls are crazy things. They are highly suggestive and answers are easily swayed.  This AP/GfK poll called only 1000 people.  That’s not even as many as attended the CdA Tea Party last week.  The way questions are asked, the demographics they include and even something as small as the tone of voice used by the poll workers can make a difference in the outcome of any poll.

The AP/GfK poll reported 48% say the country’s going in the right direction and 44% say wrong direction.  This was a change from just the week before, from the same polling service, where the results were flipped with just 40% saying right direction and 49% saying wrong way...and the wrong direction has been the majority answer for months in a row.  

“One poll does not a trend make", is the common wisdom. The headline announcing that “Americans think the US is on the right track” is misleading.  1000 people: 480 say yes, 440 say no. That means just a 40 person difference, one time.

By comparison, the Rasmussen poll of 1500 people for the same time period, and the same question, shows only 37% say the country’s going in the right direction and 57% say it’s going the wrong way, results that were the same for the prior week, as well as for months before.

My point is simply this:  Be careful what you believe.  Read from a variety of sources and question their conclusions.  These are critical times in our country and we must all be smart, responsible citizens, willing to take the time to inform ourselves as fully as possible.


Speaking of informing ourselves, here is the link to a new, 2 minute video just out from ABC News about a shocking waste of taxpayer money for the John Murtha Airport that almost no one uses.  It’s worth the time to watch: 

Below you will find my newspaper column from last week.  It was in response to the Tax Day Tea Parties.  My husband, Rick, made a short, 7 min. You Tube video of our tea party here in Coeur d’ Alene.  If you haven’t seen it, you should give it a try: It’s fun and fast-paced and has had over 800 hits already.  Just go to You Tube and search for “cda tea party” or you can simply click here: 

Silent No More!

The so called silent majority stood up on Tax Day.  They took time off of work or closed up their shops or got up off their couches.  They made signs expressing beliefs and frustrations, donned their best patriotic gear and drove down to Independence Point to join a huge crowd of cohorts for a Tax Day Tea Party.

Organizers of the event were hoping for 500 people. Instead, security professionals working the CdA Tea Party estimated the crowd at 1,300 - 1,500 and people kept arriving during the entire two hour program.

The sun was shining as I wound through the crowd asking folks one important question:  “Have you ever been to a protest?”  The answer was consistently, “No, I’ve never felt the need!”  But there they were; they felt strongly enough about the activities of our Federal Government to get up and take action.

These typically content Americans are mad. Their anger did not just start with the new administration, spending in our nation’s capitol has gone unabated for some time.  But now these average citizens see Washington DC pledging taxpayer money to bail out enormously unsuccessful businesses. Congress continues to load earmarks onto massive stimulus bills without making the time to even read the legislation. And the new administration is posturing to nationalize large segments of the banking and business sectors, and to takeover healthcare and energy production as well.  All with an invoice stamped: “Payment Due from U. S. Taxpayers”. 

The Tea Party signs yelled messages like:  “No More Bailouts!”, “Give me Liberty, Not Debt”, “Socialism is fun, until you run out of other people’s Money”, “You are Not Entitled”, “Liberty is all the Stimulus we Need”, and hundreds more.  I was amazed at the variety and creativity of the aforementioned Silent Majority. They were anything but silent!  And all were enjoying the chance to revel in their common bond.  

The speakers were terrific. The program started with patriotic music, followed by 10 year old Brock Browning, who passionately and perfectly recited Patrick Henry’s entire 1775 speech, “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”, with nary a sheaf of notes nor tele-prompter in sight. The crowd went wild.

Ron Nilson brought his immense energy and emotion to the microphone.  He confessed his deep and enduring love for America but said “Bigger government doesn’t mean better government, it just means we pay more money!”    And Brent Reagan gave a rousing defense of our personal inalienable rights, given by our creator and protected by the Constitution.

It was an empowering day.  When well over a thousand local area people, who have never stepped out of line to talk back to the government, gather to say, “Enough is enough!”, it is a day to remember.  This was just the first step.  The group committed themselves to a continuing effort in taking back the reigns of government, shrinking the tax burden and protecting individual and state’s rights.

If you missed the experience, don’t be dismayed.  You can get a taste of the action by watching a short You Tube Video of the CdA Tea Party.  Just go to to find the link. The sights and sounds are wonderful; it’s freedom.  It’s what our fore fathers established and what generations of proud Amercians have given their lives to defend. Now it’s our turn to stand up and protect those freedoms for our children and grandchildren. The quiet majority has awoken! 


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Mary Souza has been a concerned citizen of CdA for over 20 years. She's a local small business owner, former P&Z Commissioner and wrote an opinion column in the CdA Press on local issues.  Her opinions are her own.

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