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Mike Kennedy Reacts

Mary's note:  The following nasty rant is by CdA City Councilman Mike Kennedy and was posted today on a Spokane-based blog in response to the newsletter I sent out yesterday.  Let's all remember that Mike and his wife were just blessed last Saturday with their 7th child, a sweet little boy.  Mike is probably not getting enough sleep--I remember those days.

What Mike obviously does not realize is that not only have I personally witnessed these disrespectful actions by the council on multiple occasions, but a great number of local citizens have written to me with these specific complaints.  And Mike's comments first deny, then admit the council's lapses in basic manners. It is not just Mike, it's many of the members; Mike is  probably trying to protect his cohorts as well.

And his attacks on my legacy as a P&Z Commissioner?  Fabrication. There was one person who didn't like my vote to protect the safety of children. The other person who complained was LCDC's Executive Director Tony Berns.  He was not happy that I asked too many questions when he gave his power point presentation on the wonders of urban renewal.  The people in the packed audience, however, appreciated my firm but respectful questions and  gave me a round of applause.

All Mike can do is make up school yard names to call me, and others as well.  We should be able to expect more of our elected officials.  --Mary

Here's what Mike wrote, unedited, in its entirety:


Hard to believe that Mary needs a correction, but she hasn't been to a council meeting that I can recall this year. Maybe one, but I can't think of it.

I can't recall one single solitary instance when I or another council member has ever stepped away during public comment - I can't remember one.

Now occasionally I will stand up to refill my coffee, which is about 7 steps away from my seat and very much in hearing range, during a longer presentation of something that I have either read in the packet or heard before in Public Works committee. Sometimes when a staff member is presenting a report or discussing some detailed point with another council member which I don't have an issue that's also a time that I would stand up to refill coffee. And I think others have done the same, but I'm right next to the coffee pot and I drink coffee during long meetings so I'm the most likely culprit in this most recent installment of the Mary Vendett-a-thon.

But again I have no recollection of ever getting up during a citizen's public comment. I wouldn't do that.

If Mary needs lessons in rudeness, she should watch replays of how she treated people who testified in front of her during Public Comment while she was on the Planning Commission. It was a subject of multiple citizen complaints. In fact it would have been more polite if she had stood up and walked away instead of mocking, taunting, and belittling citizens and staff as she did.

But of course, no one ever expects Mary to hold herself to a equal standard of conduct when it gets in the way of a wrongheaded, shrill, and embittered commentary.

Facts matter in life, but once again they don't matter to Mary. Of course, since she doesn't come to council meetings to know that when the camera is on a person giving public comment it's not on the council so she couldn't personally know the facts on this situation. She must be relying on the personal testimony of one her partners in her website, maybe it was one of the failed former candidates for office she works with who was upbraided for talking and being distracting while a student citizen was testifying some time ago.

I think psychologists would call that "projection". But I'm not a psychologist so I'll just call it continuing sour grapes/Councilman Mike Kennedy.


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Mary Souza has been a concerned citizen of CdA for over 20 years. She's a local small business owner, former P&Z Commissioner and wrote an opinion column in the CdA Press on local issues.  Her opinions are her own.

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