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Dear Newsletter Readers,

I'm hoping you will read this on Tuesday, Nov. 3rd, which is Election Day.  This local election has been incredibly dirty!  First Jim Brannon loses his job, then all kinds of attack ads are produced and circulated by the incumbents, and now, with all his extra campaign money, Councilman Mike Kennedy puts out a mailing that is packed with outright LIES.  Can you be bought with all these expensive, slick ads?

These are not just twists of the truth.  These are statements that Mr. Kennedy has to know are 100% false, yet he put them in a fancy advertisement and mailed them out all over town...the day before the election.  Leaving no time for the challengers to answer back.

Here are some of his latest LIES:  

--He says that the "Opposition" is against the Kroc Center, the library, new trails and parks, Midtown and the Ed. Corridor.  Every single one of these is UNTRUE.  Each of the challengers has openly and repeatedly stated they are NOT against these things, and never have been.  They are, however, against the arrogant, irresponsible PROCESS by which some of these projects were decided without public input or voter approval.

And here are some of his outlandish exaggerations:

--Kennedy says the city has been "holding the line on spending"! That's laughable. They've been spending our money like drunken sailors. Remember just a couple years ago when they had an $18 Million dollar surplus of extra money? They spent it all, and then some.

-- He claims "nearly" everyone will have their property taxes go down this year. Our taxes have been skyrocketing! Mine have jumped more than 70% in the last few years, and commercial properties are up even more.

--Mike Kennedy claims HE will bring "living wage" jobs, and more businesses to CdA. I wonder why he waited until now? Unemployment in the city of CdA is 10.4% , the highest in Idaho. We could use those jobs. But Mike has supported LCDC giving tax incentive money to luxury condominium developers all over downtown. Now most are sitting empty and the only decent jobs they created, the construction jobs, are gone.

Did Mr. Kennedy raise over $22,000, mostly from out of town people, in desperation to hold his $700 per month, part-time council seat? Or is it that he works, full time, for Steve Meyer, who is a large real estate developer with his partner Charlie Nipp? Charlie, of course, is the most powerful person on the LCDC urban renewal board. Steve and Charlie also own a large piece of land right across the street from McEuen Field. And McEuen field is one of the top priorities for LCDC this year. I'm sure Steve and Charlie really, really want Mike Kennedy to stay on city council. And Mike wants to keep his full time job.

Please get out to vote...and make sure 5 other people do too.  
              It's up to you.

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