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5-Vote-Mike !

Dear Newsletter Readers,

I'll make this one short.  My energy has been zapped by the outcome of the election.  It was an outrageously close call; certainly we need a recount.

Mike Kennedy spent $22,000 to come up with FIVE VOTES more than Jim Brannon, who had about one third the money.  Are we for sale?  

Mike has obviously learned nothing from this election, if his quotes in today's Press are an indication.  He said, "People are in a rough patch. They're looking for help and they're looking for change. We've got to keep doing what we're doing..."
What part of CHANGE do you think he doesn't get?

Deanna Goodlander ended up with only 29 votes more than Dan Gookin.  She was also contradicting herself after the election.  She told the Press, "the Republicans came out against me, so my own party hasn't supported me and they've made it a partisan race. This is supposed to be nonpartisan."  She's whining about Republicans NOT supporting her, but also whining about it being a non-partisan race?  I think she wants it both ways.  And apparently, she got it because the photo on the front page of the Press shows her being hugged by Thom and Melinda George.  Thom is one of the top-level Democrats in this region who viciously attacks conservative values and candidates on a constant basis.  Nice friends, Deanna.

Woody McEvers won with a less dramatic but still incredibly close margin of 
361 votes.  His challenger, Steve Adams, did an admirable job of campaigning hard on a shoestring budget.  Woody got it all backwards, in my opinion, when he told the Press that he was concerned because "so many voted against me".  How ego-centric, Woody!  They voted FOR Steve Adams!  Almost half the voters wanted the focus, hard work, backbone Steve represents.  THAT's the message.

I am proud of the Challengers:  Jim Brannon, Dan Gookin and Steve Adams.  They deserve a BIG ROUND OF APPLAUSE!  Thank you for offering your name, time, energy and money as candidates , even when so many others in town were too afraid. Thank you for your tenacity–you have weathered terrible insults, outright lies, character assassination and even job loss, but have kept your dignity, your focus and your resolve. And thank you for representing the voice of so many citizens. Your work has not been in vain; you have made a big impact and we appreciate you all!

And I can't end this newsletter without declaring my deep disappointment in the overall voter turnout of only 23%.  It makes my heart hurt that so many people would not bother to use their vote, which is the most valuable tool we have to insure our freedom.  As I was walking through neighborhoods, knocking on doors for the challengers, I ran into several people who were not registered voters.  I  told them how easy to it is register and vote on the same day.  "No thanks", they said, "I don't vote.  I don't want to get involved."  

My very final note is that these election races are not over yet.  There will undoubtedly be recounts.  It seems quite odd that 126  more people voted in the Kennedy-Brannon race than voted in the Woody McEvers-Steve Adams race.  

More to come...  Have a good rest of the week.  --Mary

Mary Souza is a 22 year resident of CdA, local small business owner and former P&Z Commissioner.   Her opinions are her own.  For a free archive of past columns visit  Comments can be sent to  Please visit the local issues web site for more discussion.

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