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Dear Mr. President,

Your national approval ratings are plummeting. You seem surprised that people don’t like your new Health Care Bill, passed just two weeks ago, bullied and shoved through Congress on a Sunday, against all odds.  I know Washington DC can be a bubble and be out of touch with how REAL Americans feel about the issues.  So, please let me help you understand why more than half the country is upset about the increasing invasion of government into our lives. (And, please note that none of this has to do with your race or ethnic background.)  Here are the TOP FIVE reasons that most Americans are irate about your Obama Care Bill:  

NUMBER FIVE: You treat the public like we are stupid. And you are disrespectful.  After all the lies, bribes and back room arm twisting to get this legislation passed, you, Mr. President, had the nerve to go on television and mock the 51% of us who were against your bill.  You ridiculed our concerns and laughingly said we fear disaster.  Is that prudent, respectful presidential behavior?  No, it is not.

NUMBER FOUR: You have cleverly structured this bill so that some of the “goodies” are handed out right away, but the pain of the highest taxation will be coming after your re-election bid in 2012.  You obviously think the American people can be bought; that once the handouts are in place, no one will complain about the sacrificed freedoms, cut-rate quality of care, long lines and frustrating rules.  And most of all, you think that, once in place, we won’t be able to stop the ever-increasing taxes, fees and premiums.

NUMBER THREE: Tea Party people are not terrorists, racists, or anarchists.  They are not hicks from the sticks.  I should know, being a Tea Party organizer from Northern Idaho. I have talked with hundreds of attendees over the past year and nearly all are intelligent, productive, patriotic Americans who love their country, their liberty and their Constitutional rights and want to ensure those freedoms for future generations. These are people who DO NOT want to “fundamentally transform America”, Mr. President.  May I suggest, with all due respect, that if you, or anyone else, prefer the Euro-socialist model of government, YOU are free to relocate anytime.  Just leave our country and our Constitution alone.

NUMBER TWO: The health care bill was passed and approved by a process which was embarrassing to the integrity and reason of WE the People.  You promised to clean up the corrupt methods used by both parties to pass legislation in Washington DC. You pledged to work with both sides for bipartisan solutions.  You claimed open, public, televised negotiations would be the hallmark of your administration. And you denounced the use of “50+1” reconciliation to pass ANY important legislation. You didn’t keep those promises, Mr. President. Not one of them. Instead, the process to pass health care reform was about the worst in history. The lies and obviously disingenuous political maneuvers made us lose what little trust we may have had in you, your congress and government in general.

NUMBER ONE:  The very top reason that half the country is mad, is that WE the People do not want the government to be in charge of our health care!  It’s that simple.  We don’t trust you.  We don’t want you to have that much control over our lives.  You don’t know anything about medicine or what’s best for us, and we don’t want you mucking up our decent health care system that certainly needs serious reforms, but not from you.  You, the government, have a terrible track record of running anything and we are smart enough to know that the health care system is highly complex.  It’s much too complicated for government workers and it should certainly not be fodder for political opportunists.  

So there it is, Mr. President.  I hope you take heed of this simple explanation from an average citizen in North Idaho.  We’re not hicks from the sticks. We are responsible, hard working citizens of these United States.  Please be mindful, Mr. President, that YOU work for US, and so does Congress.  WE the People are the basis of our government.  And we will not forget, in 7 months or 2 more years, how we were pushed out of the process, demeaned and ridiculed.  We will remember that your campaign promises rang hollow and we will take back the rights guaranteed by our Constitution by using our most important weapon:  Our vote!

Dear Newsletter Readers:  It is time to stand up.  The North Idaho Tea Party is this Wednesday, April 14th at 6pm at the Greyhound Park events center out in Post Falls near Stateline.  Get there early, we’re expecting a huge crowd.  For more info click here: 

See you there!


Mary Souza is a 22 year resident of CdA, local small business owner and former P&Z Commissioner.   Her opinions are her own.  For a free archive of past columns visit  Comments can be sent to  Please visit the local issues web site for more discussion.

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