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Dear Newsletter Readers, 

This has been a memorable summer for our family, busy from beginning to end. It has been full of visits from relatives and friends, and now we have wrapped up the main part of summer with the wonderful wedding of our daughter.  We are so blessed!

In the midst of our activities, I’ve been tracking some of the goings-on about town, many of which I will address in newsletters after Labor Day.  But this week there was an event I thought you should know about right away.

First, though, let me congratulate the KTEC folks for their successful levy vote.  I’ve been a big supporter of this effort because it will be good for the students and a prepared work force will attract more businesses and better jobs.

There are legitimate questions about the complex administration of KTEC, which is a collaboration of three different school districts, and I’m confident the citizens will be allowed open access to full information.  Most of all, I was happy to see this decision brought to the public for a vote!  We, the voters, have been bypassed far too often lately. So thank you and congratulations to all who gave of their time, energy and money to make KTEC a reality.

Now, on to this week's important event, which has everything to do with our right to vote, and to have confidence that all and only legitimate votes count.

The ongoing Election Challenge of last November’s CdA City Council vote is finally nearing trial, with the date set for September 13th.  The trial will provide a full airing of the facts of the case; all the evidence will be presented, from both sides, and the judge will make a decision based on the information.

This past Tuesday there was a court hearing on the case because Scott Reed, attorney for Mike Kennedy, filed yet another motion to get the case thrown out before trial.  He’s tried this kind of thing before, without success, and this one didn’t work either.

What is Team Kennedy worried about anyway?  They obviously don't want this challenge going to trial where all the information will come out. Why are they working so hard to get the facts of the last election hushed-up?

Yesterday in court, Starr Kelso, attorney for the Election Challenge, explained several important points: 

1.     Right after the original Election Challenge was filed last November, the County Prosecutor’s office called a meeting with County Clerk Dan English, the CdA City attorney AND Scott Reed and Peter Erbland, private attorneys for Mike Kennedy.  They did not invite the Election Challenge attorney to this secret meeting.  This appears to be the collusion of two public entities--the County and the City--obviously taking sides with Team Kennedy right from the start!

2.     The County is required by state law (Idaho Code 34-1011) to keep a detailed record of the absentee ballots, before, during and after the election.  They did not.  The first record of the absentee ballot numbers was produced by the County on Nov. 6th, three days after the election.  That number was 2,047. Of those, 5 were disqualified by the County and 1 was thrown out because the person voted twice, so the final tally was 2,041. 

3.     2,041 is the number of qualified absentee ballots the County had on Nov. 6th, according to their own report.

4.     Yet, some days later, when the County presented the official “canvass of votes” to the CdA City Council, and the Council rubber-stamped it without question, the number of absentee ballots was listed as 2051.

5.     Where did those extra 10 votes come from? 

 Attorney Kelso stood up in court Tuesday and said that for months he resisted the idea of foul play in the election, but now he is convinced there was BALLOT STUFFING, FRAUD and CORRUPTION!

Again, why is Team Kennedy trying so hard to get this case thrown out on any technicality they can conjure up?  They obviously do not care about the citizens of CdA; they are not trying to “get to the bottom” of this and to make sure the election was honest and fair.  They look desperate to cover something.

And one last unbelievable move by the County:  When County Elections Supervisor, Deedie Beard, retired, which was AFTER the Election Challenge lawsuit was filed last November, the County apparently ERASED all her emails!  That's what the County said when her emails were requested as part of the evidence for the trial: They ERASED that evidence.  My opinion of this action by the County is not fit for a public newsletter... draw your own conclusions!

Stay tuned, dear readers, there’s much more to come.  Hope you have a great Labor Day weekend. Give your kids & grand kids an extra hug, they grow up so fast. --Mary 

PS:  Donations to help the Election Challenge can be sent to Starr Kelso, 1621 N. 3rd Street # 600, CdA, ID 83814.  The City and County have dragged this thing out as a method, I think, to bankrupt the effort. Any donation will help.  

Thank you.


Mary Souza is a 22 year resident of CdA, local small business owner and former P&Z Commissioner.   Her opinions are her own.  For a free archive of past columns visit  Comments can be sent to  Please visit the local issues web site for more discussion.

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