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Dear Newsletter Readers, 

I’m writing to apologize for a mistake I made.  Last month, as I prepared to send one of my newsletters, I inadvertently pasted the first portion of addresses into the regular “To” field on the email form.  Of course I meant to paste them into the “Bcc” (blind carbon copy) field, so the email addresses would not show. It’s the only time in my years of writing the newsletter that this has happened, and only one section of my data base was involved.

I realized my mistake the very second I hit the send button, and tried to delete, but to no avail.  The technology was faster than the operator.

Now it is clear that someone has taken undue advantage of my error.  City Councilman Mike Kennedy has added the revealed addresses to his political email list.  I suspected as much but wasn’t absolutely certain until this past weekend.  

Many of you have sent me Kennedy emails you recently received about McEuen, wondering how he got your address, and I told you what happened.  But because you are voters in our community, I couldn’t be sure.  Until now.

I spent this past weekend at a family gathering in Seattle. It was a surprise when several of my siblings, who have never lived in Idaho, asked me why they were suddenly receiving emails from Mike Kennedy.  

You see, they get my newsletters because they asked to be on my list.  

Mike is spamming.  Wikipedia defines spam as “the use of electronic messaging to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.”  That is obviously what Mr. Kennedy has done.  His emails were unsolicited by my readers and certainly by my siblings.

There’s another word that fits his actions as well: Opportunist.  It’s defined by my online dictionary as “A person who exploits circumstances to gain immediate advantage rather than being guided by consistent principles...”

I will say no more, dear readers, except to again extend my apology.  Mike Kennedy’s actions speak for themselves.

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