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A Boatload of BS

Dear Readers,

The outrage and audacity continues when it comes to the McEuen plan and now, specifically, the proposed removal of the 3rd Street Boat Launch.

Yesterday there was a Senate hearing down in Boise, called quickly because the City of CdA was very upset with the State Parks & Rec department, who felt an obligation to inform all boaters registered in Kootenai County that the 3rd Street Boat Launch might be removed.  Oooh, the City of CdA was not happy.

The 32,000 letters  sent by the State Parks & Rec ended up all over the country.  Now a whole bunch of people are giving their opinion about removing the boat launch.  And since they are boaters, and this action by the city will directly impact them, I’m guessing their comments aren’t all sweet and lovely.

And what’s with State Senator John Geodde, who is very cozy with City Hall, getting this Senate inquisition together?  Even after the meeting he told the news that he “wasn’t satisfied”.  What, is he looking for heads to roll on this?

According the Spokesman Review, “State Parks Director Nancy Merrill told the Senate Resources Committee she was just doing her job as required by state law: Standing up for boater access on state waters.” (you can find a link to the full article at )  Maybe Ms. Merrill deserves a thank you, not a grilling. Her email is:

Is it the $11,000 in mailing costs for these letters that’s the city’s problem? That's doubtful because the LCDC just announced it is spending $11,000 to have an expert review their finances to tell them how far they can go into debt on public bonds for the McEuen project and the Ed Corridor. The City and Sen. Goedde have not called for Senate hearings about that expenditure!  

Yes, folks, the LCDC can take out bonds, which means going into debt.  And they can do this WITHOUT a vote of the people.  The city cannot.  State law requires a 2/3rds approval of the people for the city to go into debt beyond their one year budget, but that law is old and the LCDC was not in existence at the time.

Make no mistake about this:  Any LCDC debt is public debt. 

LCDC must be worried because there’s legislation in Boise that would seriously change the way urban renewal agencies, like LCDC, can operate. I’m guessing this is causing the big push for McEuen and the Ed Coridor right now.  If they get the bonds before the laws change, the deal is done.

Are you feeling as frustrated as I am about your lack of voice as a citizen?  If so, I am speaking at the Reagan Republican meeting, this Thursday, Jan. 27th at 12:00 noon at Fedora’s restaurant, in the meeting room, and you are welcome to join us.  We’ll review some of the issues surrounding the McEuen plan and talk about possible action.

Please remember the words of Margaret Mead, the celebrated anthropologist who studied civilizations and cultures all over the world, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, concerned citizens can change the world. Indeed it is the only thing that ever has." 

Hope to see you Thursday.  –Mary

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