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Let’s Celebrate Success!

Dear Newsletter Readers,

The 4th of July holiday is all about celebrating the birth of our country, our independence and our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  In this newsletter I want to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit of Drs. Lorna and Paul Finman, who are shining examples of what independence, liberty and innovation can produce.

Lorna and Paul are the successful business owners of LCF Enterprises in Post Falls which, according to their web site listed below, “manufactures radio amplifiers and jamming devices that the military uses to disable IEDs and roadside bombs.”  They produce key components that save untold numbers of our young men and women serving in combat all over the world.  

Many people in Lorna and Paul’s position would pat themselves on the back, accept public kudos and consider their goodwill obligation complete. But not these two.  

Lorna, with her doctorate in Physics, and Paul, with his doctorate in Electrical Engineering, have for years promoted improved education for students in science, math and technology, particularly robotics. Lorna’s conviction is that igniting a child’s interest in science early in their lives will open their minds to new possibilities. To that end, she has worked unceasingly to promote and pay for robotics teams at area middle and high schools.

And just this week, the Finman’s newest project received final approval from the Kootenai County Commissioners.  Construction of the STAR Science Center will now begin, with its opening slated for September of 2012.  The center is located north of Rathdrum and within its 20,000 square feet will feature “interactive exhibits, science laboratories and provide students with opportunities to explore robotics, molecular biology, alternative energy and agricultural technology”,  according to its web site which you can access here: 

The STAR Science Center is not a full time school, it’s in addition to the standard curriculum. The center plans to work with local schools to provide additional learning options, and it will welcome students on field trips as well as those enrolled in after school programs.

One of the most remarkable aspects of all the Finmans’ efforts is that they never ask for public funding; there are no taxpayer dollars going to build this center.  Lorna and Paul have been successful in business and they are sowing their success back into the community.  

Theirs is a story worth celebrating. The American entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well, as is the generosity of truly good people, which should give us all a much needed lift on this patriotic weekend.  Thank you Lorna and Paul.  Cheers to you both and to your strong support team!

PS--the STAR Science Center has a sponsorship opportunity for anyone wishing to support this great project.  For every $300 donation, they will install a special tile in the STAR Tower, printed with your name or message.  If you can swing it, I know your help will make a difference.  Please go to for more info


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