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Independence Day Parade Marred by Intolerance

Dear Newsletter Readers,

We had a wonderful time being in Coeur d’Alene’s 4th of July Parade.  What a grand example of Americana!  The crowd of spectators this year seemed bigger than anyone around us could remember, and the weather was perfect.

My husband and I were proud to be part of the Tea Party Patriots of North Idaho “float” in the parade.  It was not really a float, we were up on top of a gigantic mining truck provided by Ground Force Manufacturing in Post Falls. John Chambers, (pictured) the General Manager of Ground Force, drove the enormous truck, which is designed and manufactured in Post Falls and sold all over the world. It’s a fine example of American know-how and capitalism. Blake, who owns Memorable Events, had his sound equipment on the truck and played great patriotic songs as we rumbled along. The top deck contained a diverse cross section of local folks and more walked along beside the truck. Everyone was welcome.  It was lots of fun.

As we rode on the huge truck, with rhythmic patriotic music playing, we waved to the crowds and were heartened by the enormous enthusiasm coming back at us. People were cheering, getting out of their chairs to give standing ovations, clapping high over their heads and offering two thumbs up.  It was spectacular.  Thank you all so much!

The ovations and kudos were not for us...any of us. They were because so many in the crowd wanted to celebrate our country and the critical values provided in the Constitution.

The Tea Party is not a formalized national movement; each local group is on its own. No one tells Tea Party groups what to espouse or promote but,  generally speaking, most Tea Party people believe in smaller government, increased fiscal restraint and individual accountability.  We believe in the Constitution.  (No, we don’t believe in the omission of women’s rights and minority rights in the original version of the Constitution, but those problems were changed through the proper amending process, as were other clarifications.)

Tea Party people are not racist, sexist, terrorist of any other “ist” I can think of.  They are generally the nicest, most conscientious, hard working, intelligent people I know.

So why, as I hinted in the title of this newsletter, would a small handful of parade goers, sprinkled along the route, think it important to scowl at us and give us a big “thumbs down”?  It’s fine if they don’t agree with smaller government, fiscal restraint and increased accountability, but why be so intolerant as to make a rude, negative gesture just because someone thinks differently?  Do they have antipathy toward people who are not like them? 

In any case, we just smiled at them and threw kisses.  It’s way too important to celebrate the greatness of our nation; we can’t let a few intolerant naysayers get in our way. The momentum is building, people...we will take our county back, and the correction in our direction is coming soon.

Happy 235th Birthday, America!

PS: Please mark your calendars: The next local Tea Party Rally is Friday, July 15th, 6:00pm at the Stateline Speedway Park. Please click here for more information: 


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