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Who owns near McEuen Field?
Dear Newsletter Readers,

In our home family matters take top priority, and my wonderful father-in-law went to heaven two days ago, so this newsletter will be brief and to the point as my thoughts and energies are elsewhere right now.

1. Last week’s forum on the LCDC- McEuen Park connections was a big success.  We were pleased that so many of you came out to participate and we appreciated the CdA Inn’s patience as they set up extra tables to accommodate the crowd.  What was the most notable moment?  According to the feedback we’ve received, most people were shocked to learn who owns the properties around McEuen Field.

2. If you’d like to see the color-coded map showing who owns those properties, just click here:  The gist of the matter is that many influential people in town own property that will greatly increase in value with the proposed McEuen Park renovations.  Is that a crime?  No.  But they should not be the folks making the decisions!  McEuen is a public park and we need a public vote on this issue.

Here’s a list of the people influencing the park plan who own property adjacent to McEuen and how they are connected to the this project:
(the color-coded map shows their properties)

--Mayor Bloem: her influence is everywhere.

--Brad Jordan--LCDC and P&Z Chairman

--Dick Stauffer and Monte Miller--they own two huge buildings right next to the park and they are the main designers of the park’s plan...and the city has paid them to plan it!

--Hagadone Hospitality: John Barlow is on the McEuen Steering Comm.

--Steve Meyer and Charlie Nipp.  Steve and Charlie own Parkwood Properties, a real estate development company. Charlie is still on LCDC and was its chairman for more than 10 years.  The newest development is that LCDC Commissioner since 2000, Rod Colwell, now works full-time for Charlie and Steve at Mt. West Bank.  (Charlie is Chairman of the Board of Mt. West Bank and Steve is on the board also.  Plus, they both own big shares of the bank’s parent company). Steve owns many other companies, one of which (InterMax Communications) hired city councilman Mike Kennedy as its full-time President shortly after he won his first city council term.  Charlie and Steve bought the whole 1/2 block across from McEuen while Charlie was chairman of LCDC, even though state law (Idaho Code 50-2017) tells all commissioners and employees of urban renewal agencies not to "voluntarily acquire any personal interest, direct or indirect, in any urban renewal project or in any property included or planned to be included in any urban renewal project…”  And Charlie and Steve were both significant contributors to City Councilwoman and LCDC member Deanna Goodlander’s last campaign.

3. The Friends of McEuen are running their own survey about the park plan which, unlike the city's survey,  includes questions about the ball fields, Tubb’s Hill and the boat launch.  They really need as much feedback as possible and are trying to get more than 1000 responses, so please click here:.  to let them know what you think.  Also please send the link to as many folks as you can!  

4. Adrian, a talented, retired artist, has created cartoons for us in the past.  Now he’s drawn a new cartoon about the McEuen Park plan.  You will love the detail and humor he has built into his work with such thought and innovation!  Please click here: , then click the small cartoon to enlarge it and see his full page creation.

5.Thanks to you all for your support of the effort to bring clarity and accountability to our government.  Please read Bill McCrory’s insightful thoughts on the new Habitat for Humanity will make you here:

6. My father-in-law was a highly responsible man who modeled to his children and grandchildren the great life lessons of being honest, doing the right thing and working hard to get a needed job done.  What a strong legacy he has left in our family!  At the top of this newsletter is a favorite photo of him as a young man, milking cows on their dairy farm in Hawaii. He has been a blessing to us all. 

Have a great weekend -- Mary

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