The City's Pulse Newsletter
Dear Newsletter Readers,
Do you like the way the CdA City Council has conducted the decision process for the McEuen park renovation? Are you willing to sit back and accept:
  • slow-to-appear, low-balled cost estimates, 
  • slanted and unscientific surveys that don't even ask about removing the boat launch or ball fields, 
  • continued threats to the integrity of Tubb's Hill,
  • serious possible conflicts of interest among the near-McEuen property owning or business related officials voting on this decision
  • their refusal of a public vote even though a public advisory vote is always legal.
  • And their feeble claims that more taxpayer money won't be used.  First of all,  LCDC money is taxpayer money.  But, beyond that, don't forget the city council's outright, firm promise that there would be no additional public money spent on the Library if we passed the public bond.  The bond passed back in 2005, and they've spent well over another Million dollars.  Don't forget the Mayor's pledge that no public money would be used for the Kroc Center...that was bogus too...they gave the Kroc $3.5 Million taxpayer dollars.

There's great wisdom in that old adage, "Past performance is the best predictor of future behavior".  Another version of this saying might be, "Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me"! 

Are you willing to show up tonight?  You don't need to speak, just come to the meeting and show your support for a PUBLIC ADVISORY VOTE.

Hope to see you there.  Here's the message from the Friends of McEuen:

McEuen's Last Stand!  
With YOUR help we CAN save McEuen Field!  
TONIGHT, May 24, 2011, 6:00 pm at Woodland School 
(west on Kathleen between Ramsey and Atlas) 
As a sign of solidarity....Friends of McEuen wear white tonight.  
See you at Woodland school.  
We will be there early with signs for you at the door.  
PLEASE arrive early and bring 10 friends!  
Email, call & text everyone you know.

We must pack the room...the meeting will NOT be televised.


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