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Honor & Hubris

Dear Newsletter Readers,

We have so much to be thankful for on this auspicious date of 11-11-11!  The Chinese believe eleven is the number of enlightenment and, in this crazy world, we could all use some wisdom.

First, on this Veteran’s Day, let’s honor the service of all the military men and women who have devoted themselves to safeguarding our freedom.  They are the foundation of this country and greatly deserve our thanks.

Secondly, on a personal note, my honor and thanks go to my wonderful husband as we celebrate our 33rd wedding anniversary today.  He is a treasure and saying “I do” was our best decision ever.

Now let’s give a big “Woo Hoo” for the great election win last Tuesday!  What a tremendous outpouring of support for Dan, Steve and Ron. The numbers were staggering; the margins were huge; not one race was even close...ever.

Talking with the candidates and supporters who walked the neighborhoods and knocked on doors, asking real people about the issues in CdA, it is clear that there were three big, hot button topics in this election:  
1. Public vote on McEuen Field
2. High salaries and raises at the city
3. Arrogance and disrespect from Mayor & Council

These are not partisan issues, they are community concerns, crossing all political boundaries.  People voted overwhelmingly for Democrat incumbent Ron Edinger as well as Republican challengers Steve Adams and Dan Gookin.  

So why did Mayor Bloem come out publicly the next day and claim that the voters were not sending a message about McEuen; that the election was partisan and the wins were only because of the Reagan Republican group?  She said those things out of arrogance and hubris, the very attitude citizens are sick of hearing from government.

Sandi Bloem had the nerve to say, on a local blog and again in the Press, that “I have not changed my mind that a public vote is good for planning a park,” she said. “I don’t think it is.”  Councilwoman Deanna Goodlander agrees.  Councilman Mike Kennedy is calculating his political future, as usual, and now says he’s thinking about it. And Councilman Woody says he’s open to new ideas but he’s always thought the council should decide.

Did they get the message the voters were sending?  Doesn’t seem so.  They’re giving us more of the same: “We know what’s best for you. Just be quiet while we spend your money.”

Well, the good news is there will be two new voices on city council now.  I know their votes may not carry the issues but they can speak out in public, televised meetings and ask questions.  They can make a motion on a topic and get a second, so the whole council is forced to discuss the issue in public.  Wow, that's big.  Even if the final vote does not go the way many of us want, at least the council members have to give some sort of rationale for their decision.  It’s a great step in the right direction.

And McEuen? We have to keep up the pressure.  Talk to Woody.  Show up at the meetings.  The new council members, Dan Gookin and Steve Adams, will be sworn in on Jan. 3rd.  Should be interesting.

Have a very happy 11-11-11 Enlightenment Day, dear Readers. and a great weekend.  I know we will.  --Mary


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