Mary Souza's Legislative Alert!

Dear Newsletter Readers, 
There's an important legislative issue coming up in Boise next Monday.  It's a bill, sponsored by Post Falls' Rep. Frank Henderson, to help increase the area of influence on community college boards.  North Idaho College, for example, is paid for partly by the students, partly by the state and partly by the taxpayers of the five northern counties.  But the elected 5 member Board of Trustees for the college can be from anywhere, though historically they are only from the Coeur d'Alene area.  

The idea behind this legislation is like the Kootenai County Commissioners who, by law, must live in different parts of the county, so all points of view are represented.

The new bill will increase the number of NIC Trustees from 5 up to 7, and require that at least two Trustees be from outside the Coeur d'Alene School District boundaries.  I think this is a great idea to promote more equal representation.  I hear that NIC's Board is not happy about it.  They are supposedly gearing up their taxpayer-paid lobbyist in Boise to fight vehemently against this change.

Rep. Henderson needs your help right away!  If you read the bill, the link is below, and agree with the legislation, please send a quick email to him, telling him what you think.  He needs these emails by Sunday at the very latest.

Thanks for your help.  Here's the link for the bill, HO411:

Here's Rep. Frank Henderson's email:

Have a great weekend! -- Mary

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