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Wednesday morning we woke to awful weather, and by 9:30, when we got down to City Hall, the snow was falling fast and the wind was whipping.  It was cold!  I didn’t expect many folks would brave the elements, but I was wrong.  There was already a crowd when I arrived and they kept coming.  Signs, smiles and determined spirits.  A sense of camaraderie and the courage to take a stand for the right to vote.  Just over 100 people turned out and stayed for an hour.  I was so impressed!

The Press article the next day was demeaning.  They called it a “dud”.  They underplayed the turnout and said “about 75”, even though the Press reporter told me at the rally that he counted 100.  They twisted the info and tried to make the Recall group look disorganized.  But we will not be dismayed.  We will move forward and keep our eyes on the prize, which is our VOTE.

The entire Recall effort is focused on gathering enough signatures to place Mayor Sandi Bloem and Council members Mike Kennedy, Deanna Goodlander and Woody McEvers on the ballot in November. Then every registered voter in the city of CdA can VOTE.  They can vote to either keep these officials or to remove them from office.  The voters will decide.

What’s wrong with giving the people a VOTE?  Apparently it scares these officials and their supporters. They would not allow us a non-binding advisory vote before they approved the $40 Million dollar McEuen Park Master Plan on May 24th.  So the people of CdA responded at the ballot box last November by electing two new and one returning councilman who were in favor of a public vote on the McEuen Plan. Every candidate who was against a public vote lost the election.  By large numbers. 

So once again, at the first meeting after the new councilmen were sworn in in January, the issue of a public advisory vote on McEuen was on the agenda.  Again, Mayor Bloem, Kennedy, Goodlander and McEvers voted NO PUBLIC VOTE.

Now, after all the asking, begging, big crowds with signs, pleading and cajoling, we are finally taking action.  We are following the state laws that give us the RIGHT to recall our elected officials.  Idaho requires no reason for recall, but we have so many reasons we could never fit them in the 200 word section allowed on the petition form, so we kept our first attempt very general.  The city fussed and we decided it wasn’t worth a big legal fight right now, so we wrote in just a few of the many reasons people are dissatisfied with the current leadership. 

You all know there’s so much more...the arrogance, the disrespect, the “we know better” attitude. And that continues still.  Did you see in this morning’s CdA Press, where Susie Meyer, who is a big supporter of the Mayor and is the daughter-in-law of Steve Meyer who, along with Charlie Nipp, owns the whole 1/2 block across from McEuen, says “We are not going to let these people take over our town."  These people? Her town?

Mayor Bloem and Co. would not let WE, the people, have an advisory vote, but now Susie Meyer says it's her town?

Also in the Press article today, Mayor Bloem laments what might happen if the Recall is successful, she said, “You're throwing out the entire vision for what we have for the future."  Just whose vision is it Sandi?  Your vision and that of the select downtown business owners?  It is Pita Pit owner Jack Riggs’ daughter, Jennifer Riggs Drake and her husband, who both work in management for Pita Pit Headquarters down on Sherman Ave, who organized the ANTI-recall rally along with Susie Meyer.  Why do these people want to keep the public from a VOTE?  Why do they think their vision of CdA means more than ours?

This Recall effort is not partisan. The Recall has many supporters from all political viewpoints.  I know the Press and City Hall are trying to make this a Republican against the Democrat thing, but they are totally wrong.  This is about the people’s right to VOTE, and that crosses all political lines.

Please remember, dear Readers, that you will not get the straight story from the Press, during this recall effort.  And I caution you about the internet blogs.  They are not our target market and they are not our concern.  The prize that we are working for is getting enough signatures to put all four officials on the ballot in November.  Then we, the people, will all have our VOTE.

The Recall CdA Headquarters will have its opening day tomorrow!  Please stop by to see the office and sign the Recall petitions.  We will be open from 10am - 7pm tomorrow.  Our usual hours will be 10-2 and 4-7 everyday except Sunday.  The Headquarters is located at 296 W. Sunset Ave., Ste 21, CdA
(in Sunset Village off of Hwy 95 near Las Chavelas restaurant)

Phone: 704-1596   Web site:

Hope you can stop by tomorrow.  Have a Happy Easter weekend!  --Mary


PS:  You can also come to the Tea Party Patriots of North Idaho's CANDIDATE FORUM this next Wednesday, April 11, 2012, at the Stateline Events Center.  It will be a chance for everyone to question the candidates for Sheriff, County Commissioner, State Legislature and more.  Doors open at 5:00 pm and the program starts at 6pm.  26 candidates will be there.  After a quick introduction, there will be "speed dating" 15 min. increments where you can question the candidates in from  your area in small groups and then move on if you wish.  It's  all free.  Recall CdA will have a booth too and you can sign the petitions (if you are a registered CdA voter) or sign up to help on the Recall if you live outside the city.  Hope to see you there!  --Mary

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