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Real People of the Recall
The newspapers and blogs are ridiculing the people of the Recall effort, calling names and saying we are crazy, angry malcontents.  I thought maybe you’d like to meet some the interesting, hard-working, dedicated, real people of the Recall.  

One of the first people to volunteer is a retired salesman who was just getting back into town after wintering somewhere warm. He likes walking and getting signatures and does so on a constant basis.  He says he doesn’t have to “sell” the Recall to anyone; they are anxious to sign.  I think he’s a Republican, though I'm not certain.

Another of our first volunteers is a Democrat, he told me.  He’s a younger guy with a back injury but has been an avid helper almost daily since we began and believes deeply in the right of people to have a vote on the important changes being made in CdA.

One of our most energetic signature gatherers is a Libertarian.  She’s an environmental advocate and is seriously dedicated to saving Tubb’s Hill and McEuen from incompatible development.  Do you think the North side trail proposed for Tubb’s has really been taken off the table?  Nope.  Our volunteer will show you that it’s still on the city’s web site; it’s still in the planning process.

And then there’s our slow but steady guy.  He’s a Democrat too.  He’s out there walking everyday, making his way through the neighborhoods and telling people, “This is not just about McEuen, forget McEuen, this is about getting a vote!”  He grew up here, as did many of our volunteers, and he just shakes his head at the closed attitude of the downtown in-crowd.

Who else is involved in the Recall?  Lots and lots of real, everyday people of CdA.  Recall CdA is moms, dads, grandparents, college kids.  We are lawyers, nurses, teachers, former judges, business managers, consultants and military veterans.  We are people who were born and raised in CdA and many who chose to move here.  But the thing that binds us all together is the desire to have a voice and a vote on the important spending and changes in our town.  

This Recall CdA effort is headed up by Frank Orzell,  a very nice, incredibly honest and ethical person who would never compromise his values.  Frank is a retired businessman who has lived all over the world, consulting for big corporations and reviewing major projects.  He is also a seriously smart man who sees through all the bluster and bunk thrown around by the powers players. He reads the city’s contracts, meets with the officials and understands the errors and flaws in their methods.  Frank and his wife retired to CdA six years ago and he is now being ridiculed by the Anti-Recall crowd as a newcomer.  Why?  Because he not afraid of the power elite.

(Speaking of the inside elite, a letter in Sunday’s Press said that Frank Orzell is like a “vigilante”.  Really...lawless?  Quite the opposite. The Recall is being run by the letter of the law.  The woman who wrote the letter, however, is the mother of Mrs. Miller of Miller-Stauffer Architects, also known as Team McEuen.  Hmmm.  And last week I was called a “Richard Butler” on one of the gossip blogs...they are out of control.)

Everyone has their reasons for wanting the Recall.  For some it is McEuen and Tubb’s.  For others it is the arrogance and lack of respect coming from City Hall toward the regular people of CdA; that “we know best” attitude.  As one reader wrote to me, “These  officials believe that while citizens are capable of electing THEM, the same electorate is too feeble minded to understand and therefore vote on issues.”

Other signers are upset about their taxes. Many small business owners are feeling the pain of heavy property taxes while they are struggling to stay open.  No wonder our unemployment rate is still a problem.  One such owner came into our Recall office, plopped down in a chair and wrote out a sizable donation check, saying “We’ve got to get rid of these people, they are killing business around here!”  

(I’ll have a separate Newsletter on taxes coming soon. Send me your property tax info if you can.)

Who’s NOT part of Recall CdA?: Council members Steve Adams, Dan Gookin and Ron Edinger.  They have never been any part of the process, yet the Press has so obviously tried to slant its “news” to include them.  It’s just not true.

The Press and the blogs are also trying to paint the Recall as one political party.  Wrong again.  Recall CdA is a big group of all kinds of people.  From the very liberal to the totally independent to the highly conservative, we run the gamut.  We do not talk about party politics because everyone has their own opinion, but we all agree on one thing:  We want a VOTE!

What about the Anti-Recall group?  They seem like a mix of political backgrounds too.  I can think of Republicans, Democrats and Independents in that group.  Why are they opposing the rights of their fellow citizens to simply have a vote on the Recall?  Why not let the vote go forward and find out how people feel? The Anti-Recallers don’t want regular people to have a say; they don’t care how the town feels.  They have lined up the top leadership of the unions, the civic organizations and the business groups to publicly reject the Recall.  Of course they didn’t ask their memberships; the regular people in those groups did not have a voice, and many are not happy about it.  

I know you are all very aware that the Anti-Recall people are those who stand to profit and benefit directly from the use of taxpayer money on the massive spending projects proposed by the city.  No mystery there.  They don’t want the Recall because they are afraid of losing their monetary or political advantage.

By contrast, the Recall supporters have nothing to gain but a vote.  No money, no property development, no political connections.  All we are looking for is a vote and a voice in the future “vision” for our town.  Coeur d’Alene belongs to us all.  Let’s start acting like it.

Have a great sunny day!  --Mary

Recall CdA is located in the Sunset Mall, right across Hwy 95 from Fred Meyer.  See the map above.  Our hours are M-F 10-6 and Sat & Sun 10-4

Come in and sign the petitions, and please help us get more!

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