The City's Pulse Newsletter
Respect for All

There was a strong turnout of nearly 40 citizens at the Midtown meeting about the proposed LCDC workforce housing project last night. The Press reported "the majority at the meeting were property owners".  Kudos to the residents of Midtown for requesting and organizing the meeting.

I was unable to attend, but have been told that City Councilman Mike Kennedy moderated the meeting.  He asked the entire group if anyone had a tape recorder. He then quizzed the newspaper reporter individually and Dan Gookin and Susie Snedaker by name, asking if they were recording the meeting.  All of them replied "No".

What does our city councilman fear?  It's legal in the state of Idaho to record a conversation or meeting if one person knows of the recording.  I hope he was not trying to control the public's ability to report and pass along accurate information.

According to today's Press, Deanna Goodlander, who's both a City Council and LCDC member said they should hold " a more intimate meeting with only Midtown residents. They're the ones who really need to come and say what their concerns are."  

Don't limit attendance to any one group, Deanna, let's just have more open meetings.  All citizens should be able to offer their ideas. . You represent each one of us, and the public tax issues in our city impact everyone's pocketbook.  Every citizen has a right question public projects, and to expect your attention and respect in the process.